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Requirements to attend courses

  • Being at least 17 years old.
  • Students will have to thoroughly check the syllabi before completing their enrollment, so that they can choose a suitable level for themselves. In case they have any doubts, here are some links to sample examinations of self-evaluation in German, French, English and Italian:

When to Enroll

  • Ordinary enrollment period: from September 2nd  to September 30th, 2019.
  • Extraordinary enrollment period for vacant placesuntil November 20th, 2019.
  • Period for requesting group changes: until November 20th, 2019. Students willing to change groups will have to send their requests, with their reasons duly noted, to the following e-mail address: clenguas1@uniovi.es, or hand them in in person at La Casa de Las Lenguas. Changes may be made according to the availability of vacancies and the internal organization of the requested course.

Registration Fees

  • € 280

How to Enroll

Enrollment may be made online at https://directo.uniovi.es/alumnos, clicking on the link labelled "La Casa de las Lenguas". To confirm their enrollment, applicants will have to present within five days the payment receipt signed by the bank and a copy of their ID or passport, either in person at La Casa de las Lenguas or via e-mail at the address: clenguas.doc@uniovi.es.

For English conversation courses and English training courses (Cambridge First Certificate test, Cambridge Advanced test, and IELTS test), applicants will also have to present proof that they meet the required minimum level in each case.

Enrollment will be fulfilled in strict order of application (first come, first served). Bank transfers made directly to the bank account of the University will not be accepted..

Contact Information of La Casa de las Lenguas:

El Milán Campus. c/ Amparo Pedregal, s/n. E-33011 Oviedo, Spain.
clenguas@uniovi.es   or   clenguas1@uniovi.es
+34 985 109664      +34 985 109666
+34 985 109665

Cancellation of groups and reimbursement of fees

The University of Oviedo reserves the right to cancel the offer of those courses that do not reach the minimum number of enrollments needed to guarantee their financial viability. Once the resolution of cancellation has been made public, La Casa de Las Lenguas will allow students to request that the enrollment fees they have paid be reimbursed.

In order to do so, they will have to fill in the reimbursement and bank information forms and present them at any of the official registries of the University of Oviedo (before November 20th, 2019), alongside the original copy of their payment receipt (only in case it had not been presented at the time of enrollment).

Exceptionally, La Casa de Las Lenguas will admit requests of enrollment cancellation due to overlapping with duly-justified professional or academic activities until November 20th, 2019.

Download the reimbursement forms here: