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Erasmus Language Tests

La Casa de las Lenguas is in charge of creating and organizing the language tests that are part of the selection process of candidates for ERASMUS mobilities.

Erasmus 2016

As last year, the language test for mobility grants (ERASMUS and international agreements) will be held through the Virtual Campus of the University of Oviedo. The test will have the same structure as the paper test of previous years.

Students will obtain a certificate with their grade that they can download through the Intranet. The following links leads to a summary chart about the structure of the tests: General information about the tests 2016.

The most important aspects of the test are the following:

  • Structure is the same for all languages: in this link you can see a sample of the type of questions you will have to answer.
  • Each test includes 90 multiple choice questions (with 4 possible answers each).
  • Only one of the four possible answers is right.
  • 75 questions out of 90 deal with grammar and use of the language.
  • 15 questions deal with listening comprehension, related to the hearing of a text.
  • Right answers add one point each.
  • Wrong answers subtract 0.33 points each.
  • Blank answers do not add nor subtract.
  • The level of the questions is B1.
  • The resulting grade will be converted to a 0-6 scale, so as to count it in the assignment of mobilities according to the stipulations of the official call.
  • The Virtual Campus will be set in order to limit the amount of time given to complete the test (approx. 1'5 hours).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: it is compulsory to bring to the test earphones with standard connection (Jack 3.5mm) for sound card, mp3 player, etc., in order to do the individual online listening:

Make sure your earphones are compatible with the green connection of the sound card of a desktop computer:


The ERASMUS language tests through the Virtual Campus will be held in the morning of December 3rd and the morning of December 19th in Oviedo (School of Computer Science Engineering) and Gijón (Viesques).

Enrolment period:

  • December 3rd test: from November 18th until November 28th.
  • December 19th test: from December 4th until December 13th.

The exact schedule and classrooms for the test will be announced once each enrolment period has finished.