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Tandem Programme

Learning in Tandem

What is the Tandem Programme?

In the tandem method of language learning, two speakers with different native languages collaborate to improve the knowledge of the language and culture of each other: get to know more about the other person, their language and environment.

Who can participate?

The Tandem Programme is freely available for any person related to the University of Oviedo during the course in which the Programme will take place. They may be students, teachers, students of La Casa de las Lenguas, Administrative and Service Staff, etc.

If I meet these criteria and I want to participlate, how do I apply to the Programme?

In order to enrol in the Programme, you only need to fill in the application form that can be found at the end of this page. Please be patient. If there are few applicants available for the language you are requesting, the search may go on for some time.

Enrolment period: from the 20th of September to the 11th of October, 2019   
Only applications sent within those dates will be considered and by strict order of reception.

There are several linguistic councelors in the Tandem Programme. Who are they and how can I contact them?

The linguistic councelors are the ones in charge of making the pairs and support and guide the students in their learning process. They help the participants to set their objectives, reflect on the strategies they employ to learn another language and teach their own, and they provide materials and resources that may be useful for Tandem learning. You may contact them via e-mail:

Tandem English:
Tandem French:
Tandem German:
Tandem Italian:
Tandem Portuguese:

Is there any chance that I get a document that proves my participation in the Tandem Programme?

Yes, you will be able to request a Tandem certification that proves that you have participated in the Programme. This certificate entails an advantage, among others, when you apply for an Erasmus grant.

There are four requeriments that you have to meet to request the certificate:

  1. Practice the corresponding languages during at least 30 hours,15 hours for each language, up to a maximum of two hours per session.
  2. Create a diary that shows what you have learned during each session (vocabulary, expressions, etc.)
  3. Attend at least three tutorial sessions with the linguistic councelor for them to see the work that the pair has been doing and to revise their diaries.
  4. Upon completing your participation in the Tandem Programme, you have to compose and print out a brief signed report that comprises your personal thoughts (assessment, suggestions, etc.).

If I do not belong to the University of Oviedo, is there any other alternative?

Yes, there is the option of participating in an e-mail tandem independent from the University of Oviedo, organized by the Ruhr-Universität of Germany (etándem partners).

The University of Oviedo participates in other modalities of tandem learning managed by other entities different from La Casa de las Lenguas.

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