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About Us

Conceived as a cross-curricular element within the university's Faculties and Schools, La Casa de las Lenguas falls under the Vice-Chancellorship for University Extension and International Development. Its goals are to develop non-compulsory language teaching at the university and to provide support to research and internationalisation within the institution, thereby responding to the new challenges to be faced in the European Higher Education Area. These goals are reflected in the two sections into which the centre has been organised: the Spanish as a Foreign Language Section and the Languages and Translation Section.

The activities of La Casa de las Lenguas reach beyond university bounds. Responding to the demands of society as regards language-related matters, its courses are open to the general public. The centre also offers its translation services, together with other general services related to language consultancy, to public and private bodies outside the institution, and organises specialised courses for other institutions and firms.

At its head offices, located on the Humanities Campus (Oviedo), the centre boasts a Language Club, the aims of which are to facilitate integration among Spanish and foreign students, as well as to serve both as a reading room and as a place for showing films,  cultural talks and workshops, and the like. In short, it is a place designed to promote intercultural communication.

"Those who do not know foreign languages know nothing of their own." (Goethe)